Making Eco choices

Making Eco choices

Making Eco choices is one of the hardest things to do! To look at every product & know where it was made by who & what’s it’s made from! Small choices in the right places can make a huge difference to our carbon foot print as a maker & a consumer, here at wild slumber we made a lot of eco decisions last year to become as environmentally friendly as possible. This has helped us to be sustainable, organic & lower our carbon foot print. All the items you see here are printed, cut & sewn in the UK! Supporting our economy & securing jobs while achieving our goal of sustainability & nature kind. How do you come in to this ? By buying our items for your little ones you also support all of the above while giving your littles the best sleep wear around. Made & designed with love for you & the planet. 

making this choice is easy. 

Jade xx 

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