Ready For Spring/ Summer ?

Ready For Spring/ Summer ?

The right Pyjamas for the right weather can be a little hard to get right. How do wild slumber pyjamas help? Due to how & what our pyjamas are made from influences what weather they are suitable for. As we Head in to spring/ summer its even more important to make sure your little ones are comfortable. We do all of this by using organic Cotton in our products. This is the best fabric for sleeping, its moisture wicking, meaning it pulls water from the skin and evaporates quickly keeping baby at a comfortable safe temperature through the night. Never to hot or to cold. Our pyjamas are super soft for those littles with sensitive skin & being made from natural fibres means they are breathable & light weight. We have also added many parent friendly features to out products like the double ended zip sleep suits, popper down fronts on traditional & yoga waist bands on lounge. 

We’ve got you covered for the best nights sleep this spring/ summer. What design & style will you go for ? 

Jade xx 

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