The Right Pyjamas Help Your Little Ones Sleep Better !

The Right Pyjamas Help Your Little Ones Sleep Better !

Not All Pyjamas Are Made Equal

Crazy Right ! But its True - Let Me Explain ….. 

The Right Pyjamas Can Make For The Best Sleep For Your Babies & In Turn For You, 

Ive Done The Research For You & Found That So Many Pyjamas Are Made From Synthetic Fabrics ! These Can Lead To Over Heating & Discomfort Against Their Delicate Skin! Sweating & The Discomfort Of it Can Be Dangerous In Small Children & Can Lead Them To Waking Through The Night ! 


How Do Wild Slumber Pyjamas Help With This ? All Our Pyjamas Are Made With at Least 95% Organic Cotton, They Are Light Weight Breathable Goodness, So Soft Against Your Little ones Skin While Preventing Sweating & Over Heating With Its Natural Built In Wicking Ability. These Fabrics Can Help Prevent or Reduce Skin Conditions Like Eczema & Dry Skin. 


They Are Both Best Choice for Your Babies , Children For their Health & well-being & your Sanity. 


Are You Ready For a Good Nights Sleep?

This is just one of the things that can help to have a good night sleep for both you and your little ones - but following a good bed time routine, being consistent & our pyjamas combined you wont go wrong. Remember to break a habit takes at least 7 days of following the same routine before you see a change in behaviour. The best advise i was ever given - I’ve given to you xx 

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