About Us


Hi I’m Jade and the lady behind Wild Slumber. I started this journey in 2019 wanting out of the rat race & missing my kids. So i thought why not turn my skills in to a business! Scary jump but worth it. This was only the beginning since starting the brand it has changed focus so much from wanting to be able to support my family & stay at home to raising awareness of endangered species & brining nature to your littles in the form of Pyjamas, my passion for sleep wear came from finding pyjamas quite boring! Not made to the same quality as day wear! Why ? I have no idea. Your littles deserve to sleep in the best. So all of our products are organic cotton all printed & made here in the UK. 


Here at Wild Slumber we create bespoke sleepwear and bedding for your little ones. We embody luxury, comfort and unique designs. We pride ourselves on Made in the UK , excellent quality & sustainble . We provide all aspects of baby and children’s sleeping needs from Baby Grows , Traditional Pyjmas to Lounge wear and Blankets. We are also slowly expsanding our range in to changing mats , bedding and more.


Wild Slumber is a small business run by just myself. I  design all the items you see on the website. When you buy from me you are supporting a Dream, a family and a passion for what I do. I  really  do  a  little  happy  dance  with  each  and  every  order  thats  placed.  Thank  you  for  shopping  small .  


Our turn around is 5-7 days.